6A Slide Design Project


Speakers Outline

A friend of mine decided to convince his wife to buy a new truck

  • Once she was convinced, he decided to prove the trucks worth
  • Went to cut wood in the mountains and found himself stuck in the snow
  • He decided to cut wood and load truck
  • Trying again, he found that the truck moved

It was the load

  • The load provided the traction
  • The load allowed him to move forward

Each person carries a load

  • Our loads come in many forms
  • Both positive and negative
  • We should ask ourselves if our loads are producing the spiritual traction to:
    • Take us along the straight and narrow path
    • Take us to Heavenly Father in the eternities

Yokes are designed to share loads

  • The Saviour invites each of us to take His yoke upon us (Matt 11:28)
  • We are yoked with Christ by covenant
  • We are strengthened by His yoke
  • The Saviour succours and thus lifts us

The load is necessary

  • It helps us rely on Jesus Christ
  • As we rely on Him we come to learn that:
    • His yoke is easy
    • His load is light


I started off by looking for a talk. Several appealed to me but most were not usable. When I thought of and listened to this talk, “Bear Up Their Burdens with Ease,” by Elder David A. Bednar given at the April 2014 General Conference, I could visualize the imagery in my mind and was determined to make it work.  The message is that through the Saviour’s Atonement we can use the burdens of this life to take us safely to the next life with Our Heavenly Father.   Thee audience is the general adult membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but is pertinent to all people. Once I created the story line the salient points of the talk were even more clear and I created my storyboard based on those ideas.

6A Storyboard Slide Project

Critique Report

I uploaded my slide project to slideshare.net and then shared it on Facebook for critique by my classmates. Both Lori Lee Hamblin and Margery  Sabolsky suggested that I needed to find more images rather than repeat as I had done.  Rebecca Jones and Steph Dee both commented that some of my lighter colours were difficult to read.  Taking their advice into account, I found a few new images to use for some slides.  I also changed to a single font colour throughout the slide project and I changed the background of a few key words to increase visibility.  I then saved the changes and re-uploaded the file to slideshare.net.

Link to talk:


Fonts/Category: Calibri(bold and regular)/Sans-serif

Colour Scheme: Complementary

Links to images:

Burden carrying man link


Truck with load




Christ the Shepherd


Truck stuck in snow


Yoked Oxen link


People with loads link


Christ baptism





Benefit Flier Project


This is the flier as created in Microsoft Word.

5ALacey-AnnDennis Screenshot

My message was an appeal to support a benefit concert in aid of a children’s hospital in Jamaica. My target audience was middle to upper class Jamaicans. I searched for an image that would represent typical Jamaican children. Initially, I sought for images of thoughtful children but then decided that a happy child would be more inviting to the target audience. When I found the image of this happy little girl, I was thrilled. I chose a blue-orange color scheme because I thought the bold colors go well with the black and white image. I positioned the title so that it appeared that the little girl was laughing because she was looking at the name of the proposed event.

My critiques came from class members on Facebook and my instructor Kristen Larson. Paul Duhacek suggested that I move the body copy to the area so that the girl’s eyes were directed toward it. Connie Chatelain suggested that I use only one colour for all the text inn my date and time area to prevent a “jumpy” feel. Nancy Wells and Steph Dee both commented that the white font of my body copy was difficult to read. Sister Larson suggested that I use only blue as a monochromatic colour scheme. She also suggested that I align the date time and place with the body copy.
I attempted to flip the picture to have the girl’s eyes focused on the body copy but that did not work as the flipped image did not have sufficient room to accomodate the body copy. I decided to embrace her looking at the title. I added lines above and below the title for a repeating element. I aligned the date time and place with the body copy. I also moved my website address from the original lower right corner to above the date. I also changed the color of the text in my body copy and changed the color scheme to blue.

Link to image source

Font Name/Category
Title – Cambria/Oldstyle
Copy – Arial Black/Sans-serif


Here it is as designed in Word:

4ALacey-AnnDennis Screenshot Typography Project

PROCESS: First I decided on the quote, which I loved. Then, I searched for and found an image that I felt reflected the message well. I was initially just looking for a light shining in the darkness, then realized that a lighthouse image would also capture the idea of being a beacon to others. From there, I chose my fonts. The font color was important for the message also so I pulled the colour of the fonts from the light in the picture. I then saved it as PDF, converted it to JPEG and posted it for critiques on Facebook.

CRITIQUE: In my critiques I was advised to move the lighthouse from the central position of the picture to achieve greater balance. I was also advised to get rid of some orphans in my copy. Also, I was advised to adjust the line between the title and body copy. I cropped the right side of the picture and added the diamond element to the line.

Links to image: https://virginiaburges.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/lighthouse-at-night.jpg

FONT NAME/CATEGORY: Title – Castellar,Oldstyle : Copy – Century Gothic, San Serif

Tasteful Typopography Project

Family Photos

This week I am all about synergy or as I am learning in design language, “Gestalt”. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  In nowhere is that better demonstrated to me than in my family.  The five of us are as unique as can be but basically, we are the same.  Together? Amazing! So my design this week is my family – made from the same stuff, different as can be, yet one!COMM 125 Family Photo