Intentional Design!

The idea behind any advertisement is selling something. If you are going to sell, the first requirement is to catch the eye of a buyer. This post analyses just how design principles make that happen.

McDonalds Ad for free wi-fi

This McDonald’s advertisement created by DDB Worldwide Communications group is a wonderful example of great design. The ad itself calls on very well known symbols, the wifi symbol and the McDonalds golden arches. The design is eyecatching yet simple, clean and memorable.



The most obvious use of contrast in this ad is contrast in color. The color of the fries against the red back drop as well as the color of the lettering against the same backdrop.
There is also contrast in size of the wi-fi symbol with the logo and text. This is ad simply about the WiFi, nothing else. The contrast in size makes that very clear.


Repetition is evident in the use of color. The color of the fries reflected in the golden arches. The color is again repeated in the text “love” which gives it particular emphasis and calls to mind the McDonald’s catchphrase, “I’m lovin’ it”. The use of fries to make up the WiFi symbol is a genius use of repetition since it ties the idea of WiFi to McDonald’s in a unique way.


The alignment used in this print ad is mostly centered. The fries are obviously centered in the page but the golden arches with text beneath is also centered. This gives the overall design a cohesive feel.


This ad has very limited text. The visuals are the main attraction. The golden arches and the text beneath, are in close proximity to each other, establishing a definite relationship between the two. However the separation of them from the fries makes the statement of the advertisement loud and clear. The focus is the WiFi symbol, that is where the eye is drawn. When the eye then moves to the written text, it is able to quickly take in that information and the eye is immediately drawn again to the WiFi fries symbol.


The color pallet for the ad also happens to be McDonald’s signature color pallet, red and gold. The bold use of red is very eye-catching. A clever use of the natural color of french fries to provide the contrasting color of gold.


Overall this is an eye-catching, well designed advertisement. It’s simplicity makes it memorable and is enhanced by proper use design principles and color.


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