Moving Typography Analyzed

I’ve chosen for my reverse engineer typography assignment a meme from the Mormon Channel.

It is the clever use of typography that causes the message of the meme to jump off the page at you.
The original design can be found at:×540/MCDQ-5.5.jpg
It is based on a quotation from Dieter F. Uchtdorf, a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I chose this design because the typography immediately grabs the eye and is a wonderful study in contrast of text, color, form, and structure.


Draw-Over of Design Image

The first typeface used is sans serif. It is easily identified by the absence of serifs and the absence of thick/thin transitions.
The second typeface is a script, easily identified by the similarity to handwritten cursive.
Script is a typeface that contrasts with almost all other typefaces. The curves and fanciful nature of the script contrasts well with the narrow Roman structure of the sans serif.
The contrast between the two typefaces is further highlighted by the changes made to the letters “L” and “R” to have a script-like effect.

As I have already indicated, I think the text is the crux of this design. The statement being made gives emphasis to the two elements that require movement. Those are highlighted by use of the bold red which immediately brings focus. The use of the script typeface ties the ideas of moving the world and moving self together. This is further emphasized by bringing elements of the script into the words that the statement alludes to having movement (repetition).
In all it is a really clever design that makes heavy use of contrast in typography.


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