13A Final Portfolio


Creating a slide show of all the projects I have slaved over this past semester has been a bitter-sweet experience. As I went over the projects, I realized how much I have learned and that I even enjoyed much of the learning process.
The message of this portfolio is really a showcasing of the skills and talents I have acquired in Visual Communication. My audience is potential employers or anyone that would would need to become familiar with my abilities.
Coming up with the basic slide design was just a matter of deciding on a color scheme and a layout. I designed the introductory and closing slides, then matched the showcasing slides to them.
Almost every project required extensive tweaking. For my Benefit Flier project, I created more contrast for some of the text boxes. For the Slide Design project I spent my efforts on reworking the coloring and text of the slides used. Most of my time and effort went to the Photography Study project where I reworked my grid and color scheme. For the Web Design and Social Media Projects my efforts were expended in completing those projects as they had not been completed previously. In total, I spent between four to six hours making changes and updates to the varied projects before adding them to my slide show.

I posted my portfolio to the class Facebook Page for critique.
Shelley Tiffany comments were:“Your spacing is not consistent on slide #4. The lower left laps over the top left image, but it’s the only one. Consider changing the spacing around the images.” In response to her critique I adjusted the image layout on slide #4.
Cheryl Meinen reminded me to include all eight projects in my portfolio. The draft she critiqued had only five. I added the remaining three.
Addyson Hujtyn said: “The only thing is that on your first page the line seems to cut the slide in half. I don’t know if there’s a way to use it differently, since it is incorporated in all of the slides.” I decided to keep the line she spoke of because I thought it worked to keep the whole project cohesive.


15 thoughts on “13A Final Portfolio

  1. Lacey-Ann, your portfolio has a nice, clean feel to it. The opening and closing slides are direct and uncluttered. You made some great projects. My favorite is your event flier. The image of the little girl really makes an emotional connection. Your typography project is also very powerful with the lighthouse image against the dark sky. You have great talent. – Shelley

    You can see my projects at: https://lovetocook.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/13a-final-portfolio/
    and take a look at Ashley’s designs at: https://ashdanielsblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/13-final-portfolio/


  2. Hi Lacey-Ann, thank you for sharing your final portfolio with us, from the looks of things you have done a terrific job on all your slides. I personally like you typography slide because I think we all need to let our light shine for others whenever we can. You never know when someone is in need of someone else’s light to help them get through troubled times. It also shows others that we are living the way the Lord would want us to., Nice job. 🙂


  3. I agree with you. It is fun to see the progression of projects throughout the semester but there is always a little bit of sadness as well. I enjoyed your final portfolio. You have done great work! Keep it up and may you always have success.


  4. Lacy- What a wonderful design for your portfolio. I like the color you choose for your color blocks. Each of your projects is wonderful, and I enjoyed seeing what you have accomplished this semester. My favorite project you did was the event flyer; I liked the design of the words going down the side of the poster. Great job and I hope you have continued success.


  5. I like the professional look of your portfolio. It is well designed and showcases your projects very well. You did a great job this semester! Hope it continues as you keep moving forward.


  6. Great job! I think the one thing that has stood out to me all semester with your work is your grasp on typography. I always feel like you find very fitting type faces for your projects. That is something I really struggle with. I spend a lot of time searching for a good typeface. Good luck as you continue on in your education. Check out Judy’s portfolio: https://judydaines.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/final-portfolio/


  7. I really enjoyed your slide design as well as your tasteful typography projects, they really caught my attention. I remember your typography project from the beginning of the semester and I thought it was very powerful. Your slide design also emphasizes certain words which makes a great impact on the message. Good luck with your future endeavors!


  8. Lacey-Ann,
    My favorite project of yours was your event flier. The photograph you chose was heartwarming and I thought you used the color blue effectively. I was also impressed with your magazine spread. I like how you incorporated the photographs. Well Done!. I can tell you spent a lot of time working on your projects.


  9. Hi Lacey ! thank you so much for sharing your portfolio with us, your portfolio is very nice and professional, it was a pleasure working with you during this semester, I have to confess that the color scheme of your slides look great, but the one I really like is your typography project slide.
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