Tasteful Typopography Project


Here it is as designed in Word:

4ALacey-AnnDennis Screenshot Typography Project

PROCESS: First I decided on the quote, which I loved. Then, I searched for and found an image that I felt reflected the message well. I was initially just looking for a light shining in the darkness, then realized that a lighthouse image would also capture the idea of being a beacon to others. From there, I chose my fonts. The font color was important for the message also so I pulled the colour of the fonts from the light in the picture. I then saved it as PDF, converted it to JPEG and posted it for critiques on Facebook.

CRITIQUE: In my critiques I was advised to move the lighthouse from the central position of the picture to achieve greater balance. I was also advised to get rid of some orphans in my copy. Also, I was advised to adjust the line between the title and body copy. I cropped the right side of the picture and added the diamond element to the line.

Links to image: https://virginiaburges.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/lighthouse-at-night.jpg

FONT NAME/CATEGORY: Title – Castellar,Oldstyle : Copy – Century Gothic, San Serif


Family Photos

This week I am all about synergy or as I am learning in design language, “Gestalt”. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  In nowhere is that better demonstrated to me than in my family.  The five of us are as unique as can be but basically, we are the same.  Together? Amazing! So my design this week is my family – made from the same stuff, different as can be, yet one!COMM 125 Family Photo